• Johanne Pion

And the shadow created the light!

Amateur or professional artist, have you ever looked at your work and found it too "dazzling" or you try to make it luminous by applying the most vibrant and colorful pigments, without achieving the desired result?

A rule of art: shadow creates light. You will tell me that it seems obvious. Of course, but if you're like me, this notion is quickly swept away when I get carried away with my creation! I often want to go too fast to "light up" and therefore apply too much! Whatever the medium you use, the light will “come out” of your painting, if you took care to apply shadow beforehand. To illustrate this rule, here is my book, “Sentier de joie”.

The eye is attracted to the light because of the omnipresent shadow in the painting.

The light reflecting off the tree trunks is only possible through the opacity of the trees.

Light on the pavement and the grass is highlighted by shaded colors.

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