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About me

Jo-Anne artiste pastelliste et professeur de pastel


I have always thought that art is a universal language, that of the heart. Emotions don't need to be translated, they are! My works are mainly inspired by landscapes because each of them offers an emotion that only the heart of each person reveals.



Jo-Anne has worked with people with mental health problems for years and has become interested in how they express themselves. She has always been keen to welcome the emotions experienced by people. Although she has always been fascinated by art, it was in 2016 that she began painting with soft pastel. She started doing it following the illness of her mother, herself a professional pastel artist. She learned with a exceptional teacher at Mélissa Breault Art School in Montreal and worked with different masters pastellists from the United States.  Since then, Jo-Anne is a Signature member of the Arizona Pastel Artists Association and of Pastel society of Eastern Canada, Her artworks  have been several times selected by the jury and she received an honorable mention and an awards of merrits in 2021. She also exhibits in an art gallery in Boucherville since 2018


Proud member of
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Teacher at L'Atelier des Arts visuels de Boucherville 
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