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Hommage à ma mère

Amitié, Pierrette Saint-Germain Pion

Amalfi Italie

Pierrette Saint-Germain Pion

My mother, my angel, my source of inspiration

                                1942-2022 ​



Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible and you will achieve the impossible without realizing it.

St. Francis of Assisi ​



She was religious, gentle, persevering and resilient. After a stroke she took up drawing and pastels. She had a lot of difficulty at the beginning. She continued. She became a professional pastel artist, won competitions and sold several works. Then, she had muscular dystrophy which considerably slowed her down in her creations. She, despite everything, continued until the end.


She is now free from her suffering, because she had more pain than a human could bear. ​ She did what was necessary, what was possible, and achieved the impossible.

Pont de Central park

Novembre à Central Park
Pierrette Saint-Germain Pion

Le temps d'une pause,
Pierrette Saint-Germain Pion

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